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Month: March 2015

Lyons Reflects on 2014

Lyons Reflects on 2014

Recently, The Lyons Community Foundation released this blog post about the gifts they received in 2014.  Among the many gifts mentioned, was the $40,000 Cyclists 4 Lyons was able to give to the Lyons community thanks to our sponsors, donors, and volunteers.  An army of people came together on the 1 year anniversary of the floods to give the town of Lyons a rockin’ party and a little hope.  Here is a little piece from their website…

Cyclists 4 Community, a nonprofit formed after the floods, raised over $150,000 benefitting flood-ravaged communities around the region. The local contingent of this group, Cyclists 4 Lyons raised $40,000 during the benefit held on the one-year anniversary of the floods.  Scores of volunteers, cyclists, politicians, residents and visitors came together that weekend to enjoy bike races, silent and live auctions, music, food and craft beer in a festive atmosphere in Bohn Park to commemorate Lyons’ progress made over the year.  While the event held mixed emotions for many residents, particularly those not yet home, it was a great success in focusing on accomplishments, emphasizing hope, and raising money for rebuilding moving forward.

Click here to read the whole update.

C4C President Uses Social Media to Recover Stolen Bike

C4C President Uses Social Media to Recover Stolen Bike

Cyclists 4 Community President, Russ Chandler, was just looking for a nice early, morning ride.  While waiting for friends at Amante, his bike was taken.  Read part of the story below.

He then said, “A guy in jeans just grabbed it and is riding it down the sidewalk along Broadway right now.” I paused for a second thinking “he is pulling my leg” as I turned around and noticed my bike was gone.  I jumped up immediately and ran for the door.  I took off my riding shoes and started running down Broadway in my socks, but the guy and my bike were already out of site.  I called 911 and reported the crime and then jumped in Cody’s car and we drove down Broadway, turning left onto Violet, thinking he might have gone that way.  We drove around as I spoke with the dispatcher and then went back to Amante to meet the assigned officer at Amante, She took down information from Cody and also one of the baristas that saw the incident.  I spent the rest of my morning going social on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, posting and passing out flyers all over north Boulder.

The bike was found in North Boulder by two runners who had seen the bike on Facebook.  Click here to read the whole story.

You or someone you know have a bike stolen?  Contact C4C, so we can let our community know to be on the lookout.

An Interview with the Mayor of Jamestown

An Interview with the Mayor of Jamestown

Cyclists 4 Community sat down with Jamestown Mayor, Tara Schoedinger to get an update about the developments going on in the town, the effect they are having on the community, and what still needs to be done.

C4C: Can you give us an update on the rebuilding efforts in Jamestown?

Tara: 90% of the community is back home, 10% is still displaced.  There were 45 damaged homes and 17 houses destroyed by the flood.  Four of the destroyed homes have been worked on over the last few months.  One has been rebuilt and completed, a second one should be done in in the next month, a third should be done in April and May and they will be breaking ground on a fourth house this week.

The Elysian Park project has been completed with the EPA, we have completed 1.2 million dollars in restoration of the stream corridor, and of the 52% of roads destroyed, there are only 2 places left that are not permanently repaired.  The new firehouse is completed and open as well.

C4C: What is the current focus of the rebuilding efforts?

Tara: Bringing the community home, and that means drinking water.  We just got running water this past August and we now have drinking water starting this last November.  Getting the drinking water in town allowed the elementary school to reopen and for families to move back in town.  We have 50% of the distribution system working on temporary repairs and we are going to start a 2 million dollar upgrade to the system.

Our other main focuses are on the town square project that will start in the fall of 2016 and developing a 3-5 year long-term recovery plan.

C4C:  How are the people and the community of Jamestown handling the situation?

Tara:  Feelings are all over the board.  Some are happy with the progress and optimistic, but there is still some depression.  On a whole the community is happy the community is coming back together.

C4C: What is still needed to help Jamestown in the rebuilding efforts?  How can people help?

Tara: Starting this spring and summer we are going need a lot of volunteers.  Right now, the people returning to there homes need hep replacing furniture, linens, dishes, and other household items that were lost in the flood.

C4C:  As cyclists, what can we do to help Jamestown rebuild and strengthen the relationship between cyclists, motorists, and town?

Tara: Come up and visit the Merc!  Be aware that the canyon is still not safe.  In some places there are no climbing lanes.  Be careful, ride single file, and share the road.  Also, drive up and visit the Merc in the evening for food and live music.

Boulder Bike and Brew Fest 2015 – Date is Set!

Boulder Bike and Brew Fest 2015 – Date is Set!

Save the Date!

Cyclists 4 Community’s 2015 event will be at Valmont Bike Park on August 15, 2015.  Stay tuned for details about bike races, brewery involvement, and how you can help us build a stronger community.

Want to have a tent at the event or volunteer?  

Please email us at to get involved.